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Conan Container Coupler

  • Models, M18, M18sv, XL35 and XL50
  • For 770 and 1,100 Liter Containers
  • Easy to operate, hitch on the container required
  • up to 30% incline



Wheelie bins coupler

  • Can be used on the M18sv, M18, L25, XL35 and XL50
  • Pulling 1 or 2 wheely bins
  • Incline up to 25%

Waste Container Coupler

  • Available for S15, M18, M18sv, L25 and XL
  • For 1100 and 770 Liter Containers
  • Easy to operate.
  • Couples mounted to the bottom side.
  • Up to 25 % incline

Bolt Hitch / Towbar

  • Available on Multi-Mover M18, M18SV, L25, XL and XXL
  • Default ball model, to be fixed e.g. on a 45 cm height. The height of a car’s towing hook.
  • By default on Model M18sv, M18 and L25
  • Ball 3500 Kg
  • Bolt Hitch 10To
  • Drawing and manual 5KPVM01 and family

Ball hitch in holder

  • Available on Multi-Mover models M, M18sv, L25, XL and XXL
  • Consists of a ball and a bar/pin, which can be installed in a holder and exchanged if need be.
  • Mountable at various heights. By default on XL
  • Maximum up to 3500 kg

Rockinger Tow Hitch RO244 L

  • Available on  M18, M18SV,  L25, XL und XXL
  • Automatic trailer coupling RO244L
  • Up to 20To
  • Pedal operated, so no more bending to open the hitch
  • Manual RO244L, dimensions_

Rockinger Tow Hitch RO 244 A

  • Available on  M18, M18SV,  L25, XL und XXL
  • Automatic trailer coupling RO244A
  • Up to 20To
  • Optional with Bowden Cable
  • Can be mounted on rails, Hydr A, Hydr B and Hydr. C
  • Manual RO244A, dimensions_

NATO Towing and Hook Trailer Hitches

  • Available on all models
  • Hook trailer hitch with safety lock
  • Nato Hitch
  • Drawing RO231

Buffer block

  • For all Models
  • For pushing wagons or trolleys on rails
  • Width 40- 80 cm, Height 15-25 cm
  • On model XL, XXL, 3XL and 4XL optional a sensor can be order
  • Other sizes bespoke

Trolley Couplers

  • Available on XL50 and XL75
  • For moving lugage trolleys shopping sarts
  • With or without remote control
  • Up to 20% incline
  • Standard up to 30, 50 or 100 Trolleys

In height adjustabel hitches

  • Avaliable on the  XL, XXL, 3XL und 4XL
  • All kind of hitches can be mounted
  • Standard up to 80 cm or 110 cm height
  • or bespoke

Automatic coupling A

  • Available on XL35, XL50 and XL75
  • Easy hook on
  • Hydraulic lift with 2 coupling points. Lifts from 25 cm to 45 cm and from 45 cm to 65 cm height.
  • Other heights and couplers on request

Automatic coupling B

  • Available on XL, XXL, 3XL and 4XL
  • This hitch is NOT meant as a fork lift but just to hook on.
  • Lifting between 200 kg and 600 kg
  • Hydraulic lift with coupling from 0 cm to 70 cm, 110 cm or 130 cm height.
  • Other heights and bespoke on request

5th Wheel hitch C

Available on the  XL35, XL50 XL75, XXL , 3XL And 4XL.

5th wheel hitch C lifts from the middle with on top a ball or pin:

  • XL35 and XL50 Elektric oder hydraulic from 52 cm up to 72 cm height, maximum 300 Kg
  • XL75 Hydraulic from 55 cm up to 77 cm height, maximum 600 Kg
  • XXL Hydraulic from 70 cm up to 100 cm height, maximum 1500 Kg
  • 3XL Hydraulic from 90 cm up to 110 cm height, maximum 2500 Kg
  • 4XL Hydraulic from 100 cm up to 120 cm height, maximum 3500 Kg
  • Bespoke

S & W hitch

  • Available on the XL50 and XL75
  • Hook the trolley on and drive.
  • Electric or hydraulic
  • 3 versions:   from 1 – 45 cm, 30 – 60 cm and bespoke



5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

  • Hydraulic or solid, JOST JSK36
  • Available on the XL75,  XXL and the 3XL
  • In height adjustable (Hydraulic) from 70 cm up to 140 cm height
  • Can be used for empty trailers, workshop, factory