Bolt Hitches and Towbars

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    Bolt hitches

    Bolt Hitch / Towbar

    • Available on Multi-Mover M18, M18SV, L25, XL and XXL
    • Default ball model, to be fixed e.g. on a 45 cm height. The height of a car’s towing hook.
    • By default on Model M18sv, M18 and L25
    • Ball 3500 Kg
    • Bolt Hitch 10To
    • Drawing and manual 5KPVM01 and family

    Ball hitch in holder

    • Available on Multi-Mover models M, M18sv, L25, XL and XXL
    • Consists of a ball and a bar/pin, which can be installed in a holder and exchanged if need be.
    • Mountable at various heights. By default on XL
    • Maximum up to 3500 kg

    NATO Towing and Hook Trailer Hitches

    • Available on all models
    • Hook trailer hitch with safety lock
    • Nato Hitch
    • Drawing RO231