Large - 2500 kg

Multi-Mover L25

Push and Pull force 2500 kg


180-280 kg


120 cm


70 or 82 cm


95 cm

Push and Pull force

2500 kg


The Multi-Mover L25 electric trailer mover enables you to easily move and accurately manoeuvre caravans, trailers and trolleys up to 2500 kg. Because of its special tyres and robust engine the Multi-Mover may be deployed on both hard and soft surfaces. You may use the pedestrian tow tug in the factory, in the stable, in the caravan showroom, on the work floor and in many other locations. This Multi-Mover can also be used to drive wheely bins and garbage containers on ramps.

The Multi-Mover L25 is multi-deployable and with respect to other Multi-Movers very compact, foldable and consequently easy to transport.

This model is available from 180 kg own weight up to 280 kg, enough weight for traction and safe braking.


  • Engine power 800 watts 24 VDC 120 A, maintenance-free
  • 2 x 12-volt 50 Ah batteries, maintenance-free, AGM lead acid
  • Charger 24 volts 8A, droplet charger
  • Push and Pull 2,500 kg, 1,400 newton horizontal traction
  • Air tyres with block profile 16 cm width,16-inch
  • Solid-rubber swivel castor, ∅ 200 mm
  • Ergonomic tiller head with emergency stop, belly button
  • Potentiometer for continuously adjustable maximum speed to 5 km/h
  • Tiller head can fold together
  • Gross axle weight 300 kg
  • Lock with 2 keys
  • Battery display
  • Error display
  • IP54
  • Emergency stop switch on the housing
  • Minimum speed is 0.5 km/h
  • Bolt coupling/ tow bar coupling to 45 cm height, in heigh adjustable
  • Pin/ball head to 65 cm height
  • Coupling plate with M12 thread at various heights for couplings
  • Work area: 4 to 6 km
  • Operating time: 3-4 workdays
  • 2 years warranty, parts list and manual
  • CE and Declaration of Conformity

Always supplied with 2 batteries (in the drive box), external charger, jaw, ball and cone coupling. There are many options to choose from.